Innovative Thinking

iStoreManager: Inventory Management System
iERPManager: Integrated ERP Solutions
iShopKeeper: A Complete POS System Ready to Go
iSupplyChainManager: Supply Chain Management System
iAccountManager: Accounts Management System
iSchoolManager: School / College ERP System
iStoreManager: Inventory Management System
iSMEPlus: ERP for Small, Medium & Big Business
iHRManager: Human Resource Management System
iTradeManager: Indenting Management System
iBookshopManager: Publication & Sales Management System
iCafe+: A Complete Restaurant & Catering Service Management
iPublicationManager: A Publication Management & Sales Distribution System
iServiceManager: An online ERP System for Servicing Company

The Inventory Management System records and manages all the information from Purchase Requisition to Issue as well as provides decision making and analytical information timely and accurately. This is one of the most robust and flexible suites of Inventory. The software modules deal with all aspects your business. And no matter how complex your business might be, chances are we can adapt ourselves to your needs. Inventory Management System will improve turnaround times, reduce risks and boost Profitability. Our Client-Server based Inventory Management System provides a competitive edge in today's rapidly changing marketplace. This is well secured Oracle Based and web baised Robust System.

  • Inventory management increases profitability
  • Inventory management improves cash flow
  • Inventory management improves decision-making
  • Inventory management increases customer satisfaction
  • Inventory management increases supplier satisfaction also.
  • History of Transactions
  • Role Based User Privileges
  • Minimal upfront cost
  • Rapid implementation
  • Improve employee productivity
  • Flexible customization


    Geebee Garments Industries Limited
    Avery Denition Bangladesh Ltd. (Paxar Bangladesh Ltd.)
    GTL International Bangladesh Limited
    Baly Yarn Dyeing Limited
    Baly Plastic Industries Limited
    Bishwo Shahitto Kendro
    Abed Ali Girls High School
    Aftab Foods Limited
    Abanti Colour Tex Limited
    Shomahar Sweater Ltd.
    Masuma Khatun Textiles Industries Limited
    Daily Needs
    Green Tel
    Vagabond Mobile Sales Centre
    Envision Export Pvt. Ltd
    MYA Trading
    Shin Shin Group
    Rahmania Trading International Pvt. Ltd.
    G Telecom
    Shanin Group
    Smart Electro
    Carnival Collection
    Talukder Motors
    Saba Motors
    TAC Trading
    Bell Pepper Limited
    Electrocom Ideas & Technologies Limited
    Buraq Enterprise ( Buraq cars)
    Computer Care
    Iqra Bangladesh School
    PnR Industries Limited
    iTech Software Limited